Role of Sanitary Engineers in Prevention of Covid-19 Pandemic

Darko Vujasinović, Milka Stijepić, Radoslav Grujić

magister of English language, School of applied medical sciences Prijedor, Bosna i Hercegovina,
professor of higher school, School of applied medical sciences Prijedor, Bosna i Hercegovina,
full professor, School of applied medical sciences Prijedor, Bosna i Hercegovina,
Abstract: Among the most emphasized consequences of pandemic COVID-19 infl uence is a negative trend of economic development and lock down of many production companies. One of areas where sanitary engineers can be engaged is drinking water safety and safety of wastewater. The new situation requires the change of actual teaching content during the teaching process of sanitary engineers, with the purpose of their traini ng for inclusion in activities on prevention of virus spreading and controlling subjects in charge of people health protection, food safety and protection of living environment. It is very important that higher school institution authorities become familiar with knowledge gaps, potential implications on food, water and environment safety, research direction and other issues related to virus control, among which is also SARS–COV-2. The aim of this work is to encourage wider discussion on promotion of the actual study programs on higher institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighbouring countries as well as development of content proposals, which can lead to knowledge promotion, and competence of graduated students. During the recent discussion, we came to conclusion that it is necessary to develop studies, which have multidisciplinary approach, including the area of public health system, quality, food safety, environment protection and administrative law. Apart from that, students should obtain the necessary knowledge level in area of organization, management and economy, and with the purpose of enabling continuous production and income creation. We should also develop student research capabilities.
Key words: sanitary engineering, Covid-19, food safety.
JEL classification: I2, Q020.
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