Quality of Life (Banja Luka) 8(1-2): 56-63


Applying of Different Fabrics For Design of the Protective Military Clothes
Sanja Risteski, Vineta Srebrenkoska, Silvana Zhezhova
Faculty of Technology, University Goce Delchev – Shtip, R. Macedonia, Shtip,
sanja.spasova@ugd.edu.mk, silvana.zhezhova@ugd.edu.mk, vineta.srebrenkoska@ugd.edu.mk


Abstract: The process of designing protective military clothes is a long process based on the application of new generation of materials and searching for new trends in the field of protective clothing. The first step in the process of designing protective clothes includes the entire design activity for new products development with special emphasis on the applying of the types of new high-performance fibers for protection of the soldiers. The right selection of materials means better protection and higher satisfaction of both, the wearer and the technologist.

In this paper the main characteristics of the fabric materials used in protective clothes design are presented and the selection of the best materials for the required level of protection is made. The selected materials for design of protective clothes are analyzed and their main characteristics are presented. It is also clear that the armour should be as comfortable as possible and appropriately light.

Key words: fabric, design, protective clothes, materials


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