Quality of Life (Banja Luka) 8(1-2): 5-15


The Test Results of Microbiological and Chemical Quality of Water in Recreation Center “Fortuna” Banja Luka
Bogoljub Antonic1, Ljiljana Stojanović-Bjelić2, Habiba Ganić1 Rosa Bajičić2
1University / University "Vitez" Vitez, School 23, 72270 Travnik, E-mail: bogoljub.antonic@gmail.com
2Pan-European University "Apeiron" Banja Luka


Abstract: It is recognized, that a man in wider and immediate community, especially by living in larger, urban areas is exposed to a variety of factors that directly or indirectly affect his health, living conditions, and ability to work, as well as the life expectancy. Life in changed working and living surroundings, with decreased physical and neural condition , and inadequate active and passive relaxation results in increase of number of depression, trauma traffic, respiratory disease, deformity-especially in children, degenerative diseases, etc.
To prevent thisone has to sit less and become more active, since physical activity in variety of forms, increases the functional capability of all organ systems, and is essential, as a mean of main-taining overall psychological and physical health as well as the ability to work. Swimming is a healthy physical activity that is valued for its benefits. It has a powerful effect on all body systems, and nowadays a significant number of people use swimming pools more or less frequently. How-ever, recreational activities at the swimming pool can endanger health, so it is necessary to the properly manage the pools, as to reduce threats to the smallest possible measure.
The research confirmed the hypothesis that the water quality in swimming pools and recreation in many respects depends on the correct design and construction of swimming pools, rationally es-tablished hydraulics, acceptable water quality, capacity and efficiency of the water treatment, the workload of the pool, the implementation of appropriate sanitary and hygienic measures and con-trol of the critical points in and around the pool, behavior of users as possible contributors to wa-ter pollution, provide a satisfactory quality of water, which endangers the safety of users.

Key words: quality, hazards, risks, microorganisms, chemicals, trihalomethanes.

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