Quality of Life (Banja Luka) 7(1-2): 29-35


Removal Of Ni(Ii) Ions From Aqueous Solutions By Nanoporous Material

Shaban Jakupi1, Katerina Atkovska2,  Kiril Lisichkov2*, Mirjana Golomeova1,
Mirko Marinkovski2, Stefan Kuvendziev2
1Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences, University “Goce Delchev”, Stip, Macedonia
2Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, Rugjer Boskovic 16,
Skopje, Macedonia klisickov@yahoo.com


Abstract: The novel trends in green separation processes impose the need for application of natural, low-cast and high-efficiency selective adsorbents, such as natural zeolite, within the processes for the treatment of drinking water supplies. Lately, nano-porous inorganic sorbents represent an ongoing trend for elimination of heavy metals from water resources. In the frame of this work, the nanoporous material, clinoptilolite,was applied for removal of Ni(II) ions from water resource. The experimental results were obtained in a laboratory scale batch glass reactor with continuous stirring at 400 rpm. The effects of the mass of the nano-porous adsorbent and the initial pH of the solution were studied to optimize the conditions for maximal removal of Ni(II) ions. MATLAB/Curve Fitting Toolboxwas implemented to determine the adequate adsorption isotherm as well as to optimize the equilibrium state of the investigated system.

Key words: natural zeolite - clynoptilolite, Ni(II) ions, adsorption, nano-porous  sorbent, equilibrium study

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