Quality of Life is the first journal we started to publish. Quality of Life specifically focuses on improving life through issues, both within the globe and within regions. It covers broad areas of studies e.g.: Food and Food Engineering, Nutrition and Health, Ecology and Environmental Engineering and related issues of education, science and other, with the purpose to facilitate synergy effects from their interaction and integration that produce value for improving quality of life and social practice.

Quality of Life Magazine is published four times a year: March, July, September and December. The journal can publish: Original scientific papers, Preliminary Communications, Scientific Notes, Reviews and Professional Papers. All works, which will be published in the journal Quality of Life will be reviewed by two reviewers. Language of published papers is English and that is the reason we ask the authors to submit their works in professional English.

Papers that are published in our magazine will be delivered to libraries around the world, and electronic versions of papers published on the web site will be accessible to everyone. Access to electronic database of published papers is free. In other words, authors, and all others who are interested in the published scientific papers can be downloaded for free. In this way, we want to contribute to the free exchange of scientific information between experts in different countries and contribute to the improvement of living conditions of people.

Papers are published in Quality of Life in English, with international serial codes ISSN 1986-602X (Print) and ISSN 1986-602X (Online). Quality of Life is registered with the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska by serial registration code 07.030-053-160-4/10, date 03.03.2010.

Journal Editorial Board is composed of prominent scientists from eight countries. We invite all interested scientific and professional workers from our country, countries of the region and the world to cooperate, either as authors or as reviewers of papers. In addition, we invite all interested parties to submit their comments, criticisms or opinion, which will help to editorial board and editorial magazines in improving the quality of their work.


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