Comparison of Some Physical Properties of Soil and River Sediment

Tajana Shishkova, Andrijana Chankulovska, Katerina Atkovska, Boško Boškovski, Slobodan Bogoevski

Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje
ABSTRACT: In this research, a comparison of some physical properties of two natural media was made, namely, a selected soil sample from the northwestern segment of the Skopje valley and a sample of river sediment from the river Vardar. The primary parameters of the samples are determined, such as: granulometric composition, specific mass and volume mass in different compacted condition. The secondary physical characteristics are followed, which are a consequence of the previously listed, which are the porosity of the samples and the capillary characteristics. These, further define the following characteristics of the media: maximum water permeability, characteristics of the water transport process and heat transfer through the examined sample layer. Simultaneously, the changes of temperature and moisture at a defined point of the experimental layers are monitored (under appropriate experimental conditions, namely, an emphasized / amplified ΔT is set) and the phenomena are explained.
Keywords: soil, river sediment, porosity, heat transfer, water permeability
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