Quality of Life (Banja Luka) 11(1-2): 31-40


Knowledge and Attitudes of Second and Fourth Grade Secondary School Students on Children with Down Syndrome

Andrea Grańćanin

Graduate Medical Nursing, High school center „Gemit-Apeiron“, Banja Luka, RS, BIH


Abstract: In addition to the wide range of information available today, there are people or persons from diff erent
professions but also healthcare professionals who do not have suffi cient knowledge of Down Syndrome (DS) and their characteristics, either due to lack of interest, lack of sources of information or an attitude that does not matter to them. They are a vulnerable population that requires increased health support and care compared to a healthy population, with an emphasis not only on the child but also on all family members who are an integral part of their lives and who care for themselves. The research “Knowledge and Attitudes of Second and Fourth Grade High School Students on Children with Down Syndrome” contributes to raising social awareness and awareness of future healthcare professionals and encourages the transition from the medical model to the social model to become more open. The questions used in the survey showed us a very good level of knowledge of second- and fourth-year high school students about the characteristics of persons with Down syndrome and their capabilities or limitations. Most students gained previous knowledge through the media 65.2%. Based on the results obtained, we are faced with a shortcoming in the current education system / practical teaching, where many healthcare professionals graduate from high school and college without ever having encountered this type of work and need to adapt.
Keywords: Down syndrome, quality of life, future medical professionals
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