Quality of Life (Banja Luka) 10(1-2): 47-54


Impact of Vacuum Packaging and Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Marinated Mackerel on Aerobic Bacteria Growth
Dr sc Slaven Grbić, Dr sc Nataša Kilibarda.


Abstract: Fish as a food is very acceptable for consumers. Various species of fishes nowdays are everyday on our tables. Fish from north seas are also in high demand from consumers, but it is challeng to keep and transport fish to consumers. Thats why as prevention of spoiling fish before consumation is to keep it on special regime. In our challeng we packaged fish in vaccum and modified atmosphere, and than followed the growth of aerobic bacterias mainly cause of spoilage.

Key words:  Fish, Mackerel, Vacuum package, Modified atmosphere, aerobic bacteria

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