Quality of Life (Banja Luka) 10(1-2): 28-32


Effects of Lifestyle on Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels
1 Faculty of Health Sciences, Pan-European University Apeiron


Abstract: Increased levels of cholesterol and blood sugar are public health problems that are increasingly important, because they cause micro and macro complications. In order to prevent this condition, terms of modifying the style of life and eating habits need to be changed. This paper has determinated the way in which the effect of a lifestyle reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels, with a particular emphasis on the effect that diet and modern lifestyle have on diabetes, that is, on the increase in cholesterol levels. The aim of the paper is to highlight problems that arise from increased levels of cholesterol and blood sugar, but also to present possible solutions to the se problems, or to improve the condition of patients. The research was carried out on a sample of 80 respondents from the Republic of Srpska, where the respondents were divided into two groups (experimental group and control group). Respondents from the experimental group had, before and after a 30-day application of a health diet, measured values of cholesterol and blood sugar.

Key words:  cholesterol, blood sugar, lifestyle, nutrition

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