Quality of Life (Banja Luka) 1(2-4): 147-155

Redirecting the Young People From Family to the Society, the Political Imperative

University of Banja Luka

Summary: Relevance of this research is based upon the fact that the position of the youth in the Republic of Srpska, in a broader sense, is inseparable from recent intense events in the society. The attention has focused on their basic needs (employment, housing, health, sport), what family they have and what kind of family they want, their continued economic dependence upon the family, socio-psychological characteristics and interests. The results of this study indicate the necessity of precisely designed and differentiated social support of all relevant factors, youth organizations, but also the need of Establishing and standardizing the new forms of work that will remove barriers for inclusion of the youth in development processes and accelerate the resolution of the most actual issues that complicate the situation among youth in the Republic of Srpska. Fundamental problems of young people within the Republic of Srpska are recognized, depressing status, unemployment, lethargy, the lack of information, laid out a system of values and a defi cit in the process of standardization of youth work. To what extent young people in the Republic of Srpska are in the diabolic situation shows the Statistic that states that the two-thirds of young people want to leave the Republic of Srpska.

Keywords: Family, young people, society, politics, care, orientation, resource, value system, development potential, the future, work, achievement, opportunity.

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