As Editor-in-Chief of the journal Quality of Life, I look forward to the challenge of creating a journal that will enhance the quality of research in the various disciplines encompassing the Science and technology of food, Public health engineering, Sanitary inspection and control, Environmental and public health in our country, region as well as at the international level. The goal that we have set is high but not unachievable.
The journal Quality of Life was registered in the Register of Public Media in 2010 by the Decision of the RS Ministry of Education and Culture. Over the past years, this journal has published a large number of original scientifi c research papers, communications and review papers. I thank my predecessor, the previous editor-in-chief, Prof. Radoslav Grujić, PhD, for his dedication and eff ort, to keep the journal running continuously since 2010.
Quality of Life is published twice a year by Pan-European University “Apeiron” Banja Luka. The journal enables authors to publish double anonymously peer-reviewed papers containing previously unpublished results of scientifi cally based, practically useful research in the fi elds of: food industry, industrial microbiology, public health and hygiene, urban hygiene and environmental protection. All the papers published so far have undergone a thorough review by the editorial board and the reviewers, made up of experts from both RS/B&H, the surrounding and other countries, from proven and recognized university and research institutions.
As a result of a professional approach to selecting and reviewing papers, and raising the quality of the journal, Quality of Life was classifi ed in the fi rst category of journals in 2019 by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
We are proud to say that Quality of Life has been well received by the scientifi c and the general public in a relatively short period of time, which gives the editorial board a strong motivation for further work. 
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